Water-Rite Product

Water-Rite™ and Pond-Rite™ powder are water conditioners that remove chlorine, chloramine, fluorine, ammonia and adjusts ph. These products are the choice of many professional aquarists around the world and are used for maintaining a healthy aquatic environment for freshwater and marine life.

Water-Rite™ powder is the first and most trusted water conditioner for aquaculture and aquarium use. Since it's development in 1949, aquarists have relied on Water-Rite™ for the care of fish and aquarium life. It has been the water conditioner of choice for zoo's, aquariums, hobbyists, breeders of tropical fish and marine life.

Water-Rite™ powder has tested #1 in it’s effectiveness in removing chlorine, chloramine and adjusting ph. It also neutralizes ammonia and removes fluorine.Water-Rite™ powder is used to maintain a clear and balanced aquarium. It can be used for fish immediately after mixing with no delay or waiting time. Water-Rite™ powder can be used for setting up a new tank and for making partial water changes to instantly condition water and maintain a safe aquatic environment.

Water-Rite™ powder is available in several sizes. A 4oz bottle treats up to 250 gallons, a 16oz bottle treats up to 1,000 gallons and a 20lb pail treats up to 20,000 gallons. Whether used for individual aquariums, large ponds or public aquariums. Water-Rite™ has proven itself as the simplest and safest method for water treatment.